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While AJN is a prominent publishing company dedicated to reporting latest news and discussions on tobacco and nicotine, our reporters, researchers and writers are all highly engaged with all different types of smoking. While most of our workers engage in recreational smoking or traditional cigarettes and cannabis that has been legalised in certain states in America, E juice nicotine is a new development that has captured AJN’s attention and has proven to be worth researching and looking into further.


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Vaping Vs Smoking

long-term effects of Vaping

Ever since the introduction of vaping in the mid-2000s, it was first thought that nicotine e liquid would not have the same negative long-term impacts such as lung cancer that traditional tobacco cigarettes have on health. AJN, has been conducting research into scholarly articles that provide both experiments and long-term research into the health deterioration of traditional smoking and vapers.

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Vaping: legalising of marijuana?

Nicotine e liquid is just one major application for e-cigs and vapes, in recent years, vapers have been known to mix and utilise cannabis oils into their vape claiming that this would “filter” out any harmful smoke or chemicals from being breathed into their lungs. Although we have not been able to find any definitive answers to whether this is true or not – there is some positive benefits such as using cannabis oils instead of vape juice with nicotine being the main ingredient keeps smokers addicted.

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Is it ethical to market tobacco and nicotine?

There are many issues that arise when it comes to the discussion of whether nicotine products should be allowed to be openly advertised, and how are sales of nicotine regulated over the internet. Evidently as many countries including Australia have complete bans on tobacco and nicotine advertising, marketers and manufacturers are constantly coming up with new ways to bend their marketing campaigns around using keywords such as “tobacco” and “nicotine”.

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Latest News

Jacob Hiller

I've been investigating the benefits and detriments of vaping. It's interesting to see both sides of the arguments. however I am personally convinced that vaping is better than regular tobacco smoking.

Amanda Walsh

The e juice nicotine has been around for a while and it's interesting to discover its roots. This is currently my master project and hopefully I will have it up to show the intricate history of vaping.

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